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The land of Thunder Dragon called Bhutan, populated by verdant forest, rich vegetation, culture and tradition along with people of great hospitality.The country of GNH setting example to the rest of the world is our Bhutan.

Bhutan Concrete Bricks, based out of this land was founded by Mr. Tenzin Dorji in 2012 with a vision to bring out the best of Bhutan. The company believes in bringing in changes without disturbing tradition, sharing Bhutan, bounty far beyond its boundaries, and creating an environment where a glorious past can be molded into a shining future.

Bhutan Concrete Bricks manufacturing plant located at Phuentsholing, Toorsa extended area (10 minutes drive from Phuentsholing Throm) is a sole proprietor business and a indigenous production plant manufacturing the standard size and quality approved by Bhutan Standard Bureau (BSB). The manufacturing plant is founded by Mr.Tenzin Dorji supported by the kids and kins with the vision to attain the self sufficiency and generate employment. The mission of Bhutan Concrete Bricks is to fulfill the demand of all the Construction Industry in the country and the objective of attaining export standard and capacity in the due course of time. The necessary support rendered by Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Phuentsholing Thromde and financial support from Bhutan Development Banks Limited, Phuentsholing is the core mantra to the success of the Bhutan Concrete Bricks.

A complete solution to the replacement of the imported bricks. Bhutan Concrete Bricks is an indigenous technology and raw materials purely renewable internal resources. Conceived with the innovative ideas of meeting one of the products of import from the neighbour with the substitute from indigenous product for our construction industry. Bhutan Concrete Bricks, a small scale industry based in Phuentsholing has been launched with a prospect of manifold benefit in our national interest to reduce the trade dependency on import which subsequently curbs the outflow of INR and generate employment on the operation.

Concrete Bricks are manufactured using fully mechanized modern technology with hydraulic compression under 100 metric tons compaction, firm and ready to use for any construction purpose. The concrete bricks are similar the commonly used clay bricks in shape and utilized in the same manner as currently practiced. However in place of imported Bricks. BCB bricks consists of sands, stone powders and cement. The finished products are more robust, superior in quality, strength and durability compared to the conventional bricks. BCB end users could not only gain multiple benefit with savings on volume of requirement from imported bricks for any construction upto the finishing touches of plastering requirement but apparently saves cost in every aspects in the process of the construction not to mentioned the outright cost difference on the price tags comparing with the imported bricks.

Royal Government of Bhutan approved undertaking, Bhutan Concrete Bricks (BCB) product is tested and certified by Bhutan Standard Bureau vide certification No. QAC(28)/2014/0090  for the use in all types of construction within the government executed projects outsourced projects, private and domestic needs.


Bhutan Concrete Bricks (BCB) is thankful to the following persons for their assistance in various field.



Last but not the least I on behalf of M/s Bhutan Concrete Bricks Manufacturing Unit would like to thank all the well wishers and the almighty for making the project a success.





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